Chicago native and Berklee College of Music graduate Aurora Birch is a folk-rock singer/songwriter based in the greater Boston area. She specializes in heartfelt, contemplative songwriting, weaving purposefully through the spectrum of nonsense and lucidity, of infinite and infinitesimal, of delicately fanciful and brutally blunt.  

Commanding tradition while still proving herself an innovator, Aurora’s music sounds like the thesis statement of a fundamental force. Drawing upon old time, folk, and a childhood infused with blues and rock n roll, she crafts complex, gritty guitar arrangements, evincing her background in arranging and orchestration and deftly framing her exfoliating voice.

As a solo performer, Aurora composes remarkably captivating moments that extend to every seat in the house. With a perfect pairing of singer and song, she exudes an undeniable magnetism on stage.

In August of 2016, Aurora embarked on her first tour in Alaska with singer/songwriter Emily Anderson.  Presently, she lives in Somerville, MA, and performs frequently in the greater Boston area. In December of 2016 Aurora was awarded a grant from the Iguana Music Fund to assist her in recording her first full length album, due out in summer of 2017.